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About Us

We believe that a deeper and more meaningful analysis and interpretation of data
enables insight for organisations to evolve.

Polymetrix (formerly Vantage HBA) began offering remuneration surveys in the Channel Islands in 1997 and in the Isle of Man in 2002.

Our story has developed significantly since then and our surveys now provide the best source of information on pay and benefits in each jurisdiction in which we operate. The number of participating companies increases each year and the level of participants ensures that our data analysis and reporting delivers a true reflection of the local employment market.  We constantly review and develop our survey, working closely with clients to ensure our data and subsequent reporting continues to be relevant to today’s constantly evolving workplace culture.

Due to the sensitive data we receive, we have made full use of our in-house resources in data protection and cyber security. No personally identifiable data is requested within the surveys and all data is held in a pseudonymised form. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality and have employees that have completed the GDPR Practitioner courses. Our IT infrastructure has held the Cyber Essentials certification since June 2018.

Remuneration Surveys

Our surveys constitute an important part of an organisation’s decision-making process by providing detailed analysis on current market pay rates including base pay, total cash and total package including non-cash benefits. This allows organisations to make informed, fair and consistent remuneration decisions for their employees, and supports the attraction and retention of key staff.

We provide a detailed commentary giving companies with limited presence or knowledge within the specific jurisdiction, valuable insight into the local market.

We work closely with our participants, meeting each client on a one-to-one basis, developing our survey, and providing clients with ways to use our reports in ways that best fit their company needs.

We will target any specific competitors or sectors a client would like to see included in the report, and we continually work towards attracting additional participants to ensure the validity of our data.

This report provides the largest source of remuneration information in the Crown Dependencies, with more than 14,000 jobs analysed from over 150 companies, from entry-level roles through to senior managers.

Roles are matched using descriptors and levels across over 60 different job families, rather than job titles. This ensures consistency across all organisations and means that data is analysed and compared on a ‘like-for-like’ basis.

Our data tables are published every six months ensuring data is current no matter when a company’s pay review period falls.

We provide a detailed analysis of the benefits our participants offer and provide year-on-year comparisons where applicable, allowing insight into market trends.

Island specific data is provided for Jersey, Guernsey, The Isle of Man and Malta (from 2020).

With data from over 800 senior level jobs from more than 100 organisations in the Crown Dependencies, this report provides insight into current market pay movements. This report is produced annually.

Each role is evaluated using our ‘Job Evaluation Tool’ which scores each job against a number of factors in order to allow the effective comparison of salary data and to produce graphical comparisons.

Island specific data is provided for Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Malta (from 2020).

This report provides a valuable data source to assist boards in making informed decisions when appointing and reviewing their NED remuneration packages.

This report is produced on an annual basis and covers the Crown Dependencies.

For organisations outside of financial services and the general support roles, we produce a report which incorporates the construction, retail and manual sectors.

Commercial roles are currently incorporated into our Isle of Man survey and we will look to mirror this for Guernsey and Jersey in 2020.

Benchmarking Reports

For organisations requiring further analysis of the survey data, we undertake specific pay and benefit benchmarking reports. For example, comparing an organisation’s employees against the market data, refining data by segment and sector.

The report includes an analysis of all aspects of an employee’s remuneration (base pay, total cash (including bonuses), total package (incorporating the cost of benefits) and total package. For directors and senior managers, long-term incentive plan information is analysed as well.

Bespoke Surveys

We undertake bespoke surveys that focus on particular sections of the employment market or specific parts of the remuneration package.

They are commissioned by organisations that want specific data usually from a pool of direct competitors (whilst maintaining confidentiality). The benefit for participants in these surveys is that they will receive the report enabling them to have the same insight, usually at no cost to themselves.

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